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This is the place where you can post your advertisements in the site and share them with the members. Classifieds menu is shown when only logged in. When you click on "Classifieds" link you will see a menu on the left and the categories on the right. You can also use the menu at the top of the page. Click on the below respective question for the answer.

How do I...

 New Classifieds

Selecting this menu option will display a list of classifieds that have been added to the Classifieds section within the last week. The page will display the last seven days with a number next to the name of the day. If the number is not zero, then a classified has been added on that day. The New Classifieds list shows the day the item was entered, to view the details of an item that has been entered, click on the name of the day and the site will display the classifieds that were entered on that day by their title. Next click on the title of the classified and the classified details will be displayed.

Details are: Contact Name&Email, address, state, zip code, ad title&detail, price, keywords, days to display, link and image url.

 Popular Classifieds

Selecting this menu option will display top 10 classifieds by hit count. You will also see the details under the classifieds. When you click on the items you can switch to the details page and vote too.

 Top Classifieds

Selecting this menu option will display top 10 rated classifieds. You will see a hit count number along with date added, rating and votes given. When you click on the items you can switch to the details page.

 Adding New Ads

You can submit an ad in two ways:
Choosing to "Submit Classified" from the Classifieds top menu or "Submit an Ad" from the left menu is the first choice that is made when entering a new Ad on the Classifieds section. Other way is first selecting a category then a subcategory (or directly a subcategory) where the Ad wanted to be located and click on the "Add an Ad" link towards the bottom.

Selecting in either way it will open a submit form for you to fill out. Fill in the provided form. The first selection that can be made on the page is to select a proper category for your Ad that will be submitted. Although you will see the category name here if you firstly selected the subcategory then submit. If you did not see a category that fit your ad's description, contact with the admins of the site and they'll be happy to add it for you :)

Then you have to complete the "Contact Name", "Contact Email", "City", "State", "Title of Your Ad" and "Detail About Ad" fields those required. You can go on with the other fields (price, keywords, link, image url, etc) as needed but they are not the required ones.

Once you have filled out all of the items for your Ad, click on the "Submit" button to submit your Ad to the site administrators. You can use "Reset" button to clear the form. If the site is configured to require approval for new classifieds then you will receive a message that your Ad submission will be reviewed by the administrator and if approved will then appear on the Classifieds section. Until the Ad is approved it will not show up on the Classifieds. If the Ad is not approved by the Administrator the Ad will be deleted and not show up on the Classifieds, although you will receive an email to let you know whether or not your Ad has been approved. If the site is configured to accept the requests online then a summary page about your Ad will be shown and added to the Classifieds database immediately.

 Search Classifieds

You can use the search area on the left directly by writing search term or terms into the Search box then click the Search button to search through the classifieds on the Classifieds section. Classifieds with matching text will be shown in the display box on the right. Also you can set the number of results by selecting thru the radio buttons. The Search routine looks through ad details when trying to find a match. The titles of the results that are displayed are hyperlinks which can be clicked on to pop-up another page with the details of the classified.

 Pop-Up Classified Detail View

Clicking on the title of a classified will pop-up another page with the Classified Details. This page will show the Ad Title followed by the details of the Ad. Other details such as contact name&email, address, state, zip code, ad title&detail, price, keywords, days to display, link and image url will be shown. Only the administrators can edit the classified even if you have submitted the classified. You can also see the hit numbers next to the ads.

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